5 Free Word Processor Alternatives To Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word dominates word processing. Seen as the global standard for business everywhere, it’s used in pretty much every office and every student bedroom the world over. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft Word is the only option. There are literally dozens of free word processor alternatives out there. Below is a list of 5 free word processor alternatives that will do just as good a job as anything you could write in Word.

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LibreOffice: Writer

LibreOffice excels in doing exactly what you think a word processor should do. Features of note include templates, auto complete, dictionary, and a spell checker as standard. It also has a similar interface to MS Word so most people should be able to just dive right in.

Apache Open Office: Writer

Surely in the running for the oldest open source word processor going. It’s interesting to note that LibreOffice is actually very similar to Open Office. LibreOffice was originally built on the Open Office code. It is also well looked after by open source developers around the world, so if you ever have a question about Open Office, there’s bound to already be an answer on Google.

Google Docs

Of course Google have their own word processor as well. The advantage and disadvantage of Google Docs however is that it’s a cloud based system which means you need a constant online presence to use it. Anything you write is automatically saved to the cloud, so in theory you should never lose any work, ever!

Kingsoft Office Suite Free: Writer

Another free comprehensive office suite, and a good one too, but not as well known. Kingsoft Writer is still be a powerful word processor in the right hands. It also scores higher on some download sites than LibreOffice so that alone means it’s well worth checking out.


AbiWord is a free standalone word processor, making it perfect for the writer who has no need of spreadsheets. The simple interface doesn’t confuse, but retains enough options to make it a viable alternative to Word.

So there you have it, 5 free alternatives that can keep your writing free, and allow you to cut the bond between you and Microsoft Word.

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