Adobe Acquires Behance to Build it’s Community

Adobe recently announces that it had acquired Behance, which is an online platform for people to display their creative work.  This will add to Adobe’s current Creative Cloud platform and allow users to publish their portfolio.

adobe acquires behance

Creative Cloud allows users to access desktop software along with online tools and a storage place for their work with the subscription based service.  Adobe is hoping to add to its Creative Cloud with the ability for users to collaborate and share work as a community.

Behance is not going to lose its own individuality as part of Adobe, but will be treated similarly to Typekit and offer its own services.  However, with the acquisition, people will be able to publish directly to their portfolios from various software, which will enhance the usability of Creative Cloud for users.

Changes for Current Users

The free accounts already set up on Behance will continue to exist and new users will be allowed.  The ProSite feature will be added to Creative Cloud users, but it is not certain yet if it will be added to the free accounts.

Behance will benefit from the acquisition, too.  It will help to connect the entire creative community and inspire collaboration.  It will increase exposure for the company and provide for more frequent upgrades.  Behance also believes it will inspire new discovery of talent and more transparency.  They call it “creative meritocracy” where the creation is organized and properly credited.

Adobe made a statement on their website that the acquisition brings great community features along with other new features that are being added to the Cloud.  Since Behance has over one million members, one has to conclude that this is a win-win situation for both parties as each one can benefit from what the other offers.  This looks like a great way to connect the creative world online, which is a benefit not only to the companies but to the users.

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