AsthmaMD, A Helpful App For Asthma Sufferers

As a child I suffered from Asthma.  It was pretty severe and a few times I was hospitalised with it.  Sure, there was medication I could (and did) take, but I wanted more from the medical profession than, ‘try this medication and see how you get on’.  To me, that felt like I was being brushed off a bit.  You’ll be glad to know that these days I am no longer affected by Asthma, but if I was, I would be very interested in using technology to log and map my attacks to see if there were patterns, I could follow and therefore manage my Asthma better.

AsthmaMD 3.0 not only makes it simpler for doctors to create individual asthma plans, but the platform is then broken down into simple interactive steps for the patient to follow.  “Eighty percent of asthmatics do not have proper education and understanding of the differences between control and rescue medications. With AsthmaMD 3.0 we made education an implicit part of the experience. With every opportunity we are delineating the differences in these medications…Over 55% of asthmatics are unaware their asthma is not well controlled, which has shown to have direct correlation of increase risk of hospitalization, urgent medical needs, and reduced quality of life.” they added.  Patients can send the data to their doctors, who can then monitor how effectively each action plan is working.

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