Google and Apple Eye Huge Holiday Sales

Times have changed and how. Gone are the days when toys and clothing could be ideal Christmas presents. Now, it seems that everyone wants a new handheld device. A smartphone, tablet or other gadgets are on the wish lists for people of all ages, from early teens to sexagenarians. Keeping this in mind, the leading companies in the tech industry are looking forward to huge sales in the holiday period.

Google and Apple are one-twoing for the top spot in the smartphone and tablets market and both of them are expecting to sell millions of units during the holiday period. Even Microsoft is looking forward to the holiday season to balance out the fall in sales of its PCs. Without a doubt, every person seeking a gadget would have one by the end of the year. That is the plan of the industry leaders.

Apple holiday products

As long as a person has the cash to spend, he/she can buy any Android or iOS based device. The market will be flooded by new and existing products from the brands. The holiday season has been responsible for a major part of the companies’ sales over the past few years and the trend is expected to continue this year as well.

The new product which is going to be the talk of the town in the days to come is the smaller version of the iPad. Titled iPad Mini, the product is smaller in size and priced lower than Apple’s iPad tablets. With them having already sold billions of units, sales from the Mini version are expected to increase Apple’s share of the tablet market. At present, Apple controls around 60% of the tablet market. With the iPad Mini, their dominance is expected to increase.

The makers are leaving no stone unturned, introducing new holiday themed apps and features. They want to add to the lure of their devices and get more people to buy them. As of now, it looks like they are going to succeed big time. In fact, it was reported that many people are using their smartphones to plan their holiday shopping. It is likely that some people would stop at an Apple or Android store before moving on to complete their holiday shopping spree.

So, the companies are rubbing their hands in anticipation and waiting anxiously for the holiday season. It goes without saying that both Google and Apple are going to sell millions of units and make billions of dollars in revenue.

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