How to Set Up A Passcode On iPad

Security is a big thing these days isn’t it?  It is a wise move to lock down all of your devices in one way or another.  Take your tablet for instance.  By setting a passcode on your Apple iPad, you can protect your data in case it is lost or stolen.  Setting up a code on your iPad really should be one of the first things that you should do.  It is not difficult and in this guide I will walk you through each step.

iPad Passcode

1: Open the Settings app.

2: Tap the “Passcode” tab.

3: Select “Turn On Passcode”

4: Enter your desired pass code and then enter it again.

5: Once entered, your passcode is now set and the following options may now be selected:

Turn Passcode Off: this asks for the current passcode to be entered, then it removes it.
Change Passcode: You need to enter the current passcode to make any changes to the combination.
Require Passcode: You can now adjust the length of time that your iPad will stay unlocked during use before requiring a passcode to unlock it.
Picture Frame: Your iPad can act as a digital picture frame.  Just alter the settings within this feature to tell the iPad which images you want to use for the Picture frame.
Siri: You can adjust the setting to On to access Siri in the lock screen.
Erase Data: If you want to be ultra secure, you can turn on this feature to erase all data on your iPad after 10 incorrect attempts at inputting your passcode. (Be Careful)

There you have it.  Now you can be just that little more secure.

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