Internet Explorer 10 Coming to Windows 7

Microsoft has been focused on ensuring that Windows 8 becomes a success over the past six months or so. This has led to several of their products being ignored. Hence, it came as no surprise that the company decided to launch the new version of their internet browser, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), for the Windows 8 operating system (OS). However, the wait is now over for people still using Windows 7 as IE10 will be available on the previous generation OS soon.

Internet Explorer 10 Coming to Windows 7

Can IE10 Change Consumer Perception?

For the casual users, the new version of IE would appear quite similar to IE9. It is under the hood where you will get to see most of the changes and upgrades which have been made to IE10. At the outset, it can be said with the utmost certainty that IE10 is the fastest and most reliable web browser Microsoft has created thus far. In fact, it could be the catalyst for changing the opinions of cynics and critics, as the browser has been the fall guy for several years now.

In the past, Microsoft has consistently failed to live up to the standards set by other browsers, especially Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This was the reason why a succession of IE versions, 6 through 8, failed miserably. Things did improve when IE9 was launched but several shortcomings saw it falling short of the level Microsoft wanted to reach with it. This time around, they have left no stone unturned to ensure that IE10 revives the fortunes for their flagship browser.

A Newer and Better Browser

Microsoft has been promoting the new IE version with an ad campaign focused on how the browser was inept. By admitting their faults, they might be able to implore users to give IE10 a chance. Should the users decide to oblige, they will find that IE10 is a marked improvement over previous versions of the browser. Not only is it fast but you will also notice a cleaner interface which enables you to enjoy web surfing and browsing free of the inconvenience usually associated with Internet Explorer.

The most significant upgrade to the browser is the privacy settings. You can enable the Do Not Track option to prevent web companies from tracking your online activity. There is also a Tracking Protection Tool which protects your web activity. That way, you don’t have to worry about your online privacy being compromised. With the performance of the browser improving by 20%, you enjoy a faster and safer online experience.

The interface has also been upgraded to make it visually-appealing and user-friendly. No more tardiness when using IE. All in all, the changes and upgrades which have been made to IE10 make it a great browser to use at present. If you had given up on Internet Explorer, using the latest version of the browser might change your perception for good. For now, IE10 is only available on Windows 7 and 8 so users with older versions of the OS won’t be able to use it.

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