Rdio expands into 9 new countries, reaches 60 countries globally

The service, which boasts a catalogue of more than 25 million songs, is available on desktop, smartphone or tablet and can be accessed either for free, or for a monthly fee that ensures ad-free listening.

Already available broadly across Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific, Rdio has announced a further expansion into nine new territories, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Rdio has also announced that it will match this rollout into new regions with “an emphasis on the incorporation of a local repertoire of music in these territories”. And for those who want to get a taste of Rdio’s international flavour, the streaming service has created “Rdio’s 60 Countries 60 Streams” playlist, featuring one track from each country that the service is available in, including “chart toppers, unforgettable classics, hometown anthems and Rdio favorites”.

Speaking about the expansion, Rdio CEO Anthony Bay was positive about the company’s growth.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to expand from two to 60 countries in less than four years, while also pairing this rapid growth with regular catalogue increases reflective of the amazing and distinct music that impacts the culture of each country we serve.”

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