The Best iPhone Travel Apps for the Holidays

During the busy holiday season, many people travel across the state or the country to visit family and friends.  Even those who don’t travel too far will find themselves making more trips to the mall to finish their holiday shopping or going out to a special event or party.  The iPhone makes it just a little easier to deal with traffic delays or weather closings with several apps you can have right on your mobile device.

The Best iPhone Travel Apps for the Holidays


This app is handy when you want to choose flights with sort and filter functions to help you select the best option for your schedule.  You can even reserve your flight from the app.

You can find hotels and rental cars from your phone, too.

Taxi Magic

Instead of standing around waiting for a taxi, you can easily book it head of time from your phone.  Taxi Magic works in 40 cities in theUS.  It makes it easy to book and pay for your ride.  You can set up your bank card and add a tip to the cost of fare.  Once you leave the cab, you simply hit Pay and your receipt is emailed to you.


This is another popular website that has created a mobile app for busy users with an iPhone.  It also has an app for the iPad.  You can plan trips that include the best restaurants along with a flight and hotel.


If you want to know gate time and flight status before you get to the airport or while you are milling around in the shops or restaurants, this app will provide valuable real-time information.  It also lets you know basic information for an airport that you are not familiar with.  For instance, it will tell you where the nearest ATM is located or which restaurants are in the airport so you can plan for connecting flights.

Make your travel time just a little easier this holiday season with one of the travel apps for your iPhone.

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