Twitter Enables Search for Tweets Older Than a Week Now

As we mentioned earlier this week, Twitter has finally made it possible for users to search for tweets which were posted to the website over a week ago. In a new update to its website and mobile apps, Twitter announced that people can now look for older tweets. Previously, the search bar only allowed them to find tweets which had been posted in the previous week. Using the new feature, the Twitterati can find and reference older tweets they were unable to find because they had been posted some time back.

Search Update Part of Steps to Improve User Experience

Twitter has been working on improving the mobile experience for users. People accessing Twitter through their handheld devices on the go are in for a more fulfilling experience as the website looks to improve its layout and design to suit the smaller screens. The decision to expand the search results is part of the overall enhanced user experienced process. However, there hasn’t been any official reason cited why Twitter actually went ahead with enabling searches for tweets posted more than a week ago.

Twitter Enables Users to Search for Tweets Older Than a Week Now

For now, the enhanced version of the Twitter search has been implemented for both mobile and other users. You can try for yourself the way the search option is more comprehensive and offers greater results now. If there is a tweet you remember but cannot find, now is the time to use Twitter search to look for it.

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