Two New Updates Make File Comparison Simple

Two new updates have been released on FileHippo for software that makes comparing files, folders, or even whole drives easy and seamless. Both products offer a powerful search and compare feature, while containing two different styles of user interfaces to choose from.

beyond compare

The first is Beyond Compare, an apt name for this powerful software. Not only can users compare versions to locate differences, but they can also reconcile the differences in real-time. More importantly, especially for coders and developers, users can set specific parameters and guidelines for the type of features they want to compare, rather than having to do a global search for all differences. Its real strength is in its ability to compare two versions and merge them into a single final version, while giving you the ability to accept or reject changes individually.

The second update is for Commander, another file comparison option that does a lot more than just compare. It’s a complete file utility manager and image viewer that works with a highly convenient split-screen interface. It’s possible to compare file versions side-by-side, auto-scale images, and compare directory contents. Inside a directory, you can search for files based on name, size, time-stamp, or the contents. While Commander is a powerful application, it offers additional features that work with MeeSoft Image Analyzer if it’s installed.

There were several other new versions released today on FileHippo for everything from media management software to data security programs. To check out these and all the other new releases, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.

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