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Not only does Amazon sell most products you can’t get anywhere else, they have now introduced a new online store completely devoted to wearable technology in the UK.  Over 100 devices you can wear are on offer; with products like smart watches, smart glasses, activity trackers and wearable cameras, to name just a few.

Amazon Wearable Tech Shop

Amazon Wearable Tech Shop

Included in the store’s repertoire are top brands like Sony and Samsung.  However, new companies, like Basis and Misfit, will also be able to feature their products.  You can even find Adrien Sauvage’s wireless charging trousers, a must have this year!  Some of the features of the store will include things like pre-ordering items or learning about items that aren’t out yet.  Most of the products will be eligible for fast delivery.  There is also a ‘learning centre’where product details, images, videos, in-depth buying guides, expert recommendations, compatibility information as well as reviews can be found.

Vice president of EU retail at Amazon, Xavier Garambois states: “The advances in wearable technology mean that customers can now charge their phone through their clothing, monitor their sleep patterns and even track their pets.  This new store allows customers to find whatever they are looking for in one place –whether that is tracking fitness, staying connected through smart watches or capturing every adventure with wearable cameras.”

Wearable technology is the next Big Thing!  It is predicted that over 10 million wearable devices will ship out to customers in 2014 alone.

A consulting company, called Accenture, did a survey on wearable technology using 6000 people.  42% of those surveyed said that they would be interested in purchasing eyeglasses that are internet connected (like google glass); while 46 % wanted to purchase smart watches.

Wearable technology will become a global market.  In 2012, $2.7 billion was spent on wearable technology.  It is expected to reach over $8.3 billion by 2018.

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SOURCE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/amazon/10953045/Amazon-launches-wearable-technology-store-in-UK.html

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